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Who   is  Timmothie

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I'm an immigrant child from Liberia, A dad that loves his mancave, and a dude who takes friendships so seriously that it has to be sealed with blood truths. Okay, probably not that serious but I tend to see friends as family, haha!

Above all, I'm an easy-going fellow who loves cameras and the adventures they take me on as well as the people they allow me to meet.

more personal

Peanut butter is king!

Superhero movies are cool

but I bent the knee to the mother of dragons. 

Catch me on a mountain, how bout that! 

Canon is my mom and DJI is my dad.



My name's Tim Gbunblee but you can call me Timmothie or whatever cool nickname comes to mind. I'm a Creative Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and business mentor. I started my creative journey as a hobbyist content creator in 2017. I purchased my first camera to take photos of my growing family. It was one of the most stressful endeavors ever! No one tells you that there is a huge learning curve when it came to shooting photos and videos with a DSLR. Long story short, I educated myself and then I got good, like really good!

Before I knew it I was hired often to work with brands, and businesses and shot so many weddings that I needed to create a team.


What fuels my creativity are my inspirations and the lives I have the honor of changing positively through my lens.


Nature is my canvas but I'm skilled enough to work in any environment and no project is ever too big with the help of my teammates! 

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