Our GO TO  and most experienced cinematographer. You can expect him to be very much engaged and focussed on the task of capturing your wedding in the most cinematic way. Esteban is our Lead videographer



The FILMMAKER! Johnny will not only be capturing your precious events but will also be the creative genius behind putting it all together for you. He is very inspired by the story of love and life in which you are hiring us to tell.


The HEART OF THE TEAM and part-owner of the establishment. We have a team of photographers and videographers but if requested Syed will be your wedding photographer and will be a delight at your wedding as his passion is to capture the essence of love the way you envision it for your wedding. 


The BOSSLADY! Fatima is our founding mother and is your point of contact. She keeps us organized and ensures our relationships with our clients are more of a friendship. She's hardworking and driven and is always prepared to pick up the camera when needed!


The CREATIVE! Tim is the founder and head of the creative direction of all content for your wedding. You can expect Tim to be at most weddings making sure our photographers and videographers are unique in their capturing tactics and organized according to your wedding plan. 

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WE are a wedding media TEAM



Though not shown in the images above we have a team of 4 photographers and 4 videographers and our team is only getting bigger as we plan to expand to take on more weddings worldwide, Our team is extremely diverse, One of the best qualities you can expect when hiring us is that our members are all from different parts of the world and speak over 200 languages making that language barrier nonexistent. We are culturally aware so we thrive when shooting different types of weddings. We use a wide range of photography and film gear to capture all weddings. One of our most adored qualities by wedding couples is our love for adventure! So when you are ready to book keep in mind that your "save the date" invites can be shot in any setting! 


our goal is to tell a compelling story of love and life. We fit into a rare category of content creators where we don't create for the money and we will never have a strict photo style or system. We believe that every couple and every wedding is different. For that, we make sure to consult with you before we ever take a photo to ensure we are seeing eye to eye creatively. Our moody and earthly editing style is what we prefer to create but we are also photo editing professionals so if you have an editing style in mind please don't hesitate to let us know.


Okay, enough of the small talk!